Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cocky Friends - intro

Club BelAmi Newsletter: "Cocky Friends - a review

Back in August last year we packed up our bags and headed for the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Joining us there were 3 cocky boys from America to film our 2nd trans-atlantic production within the space of a year.
We'd worked a little with Jesse Santana before when we were in Manchester participating in an ill-fated model search and that was when he first got to meet Luke Hamill. Since the 2 got along so well, we thought we would give it another spin, and Jesse brought along hi buddies and fellow Cocky Boys Bobby Clark and Skyler Caine. From our stables we had Florian, the twins, Kris, Colin, Manuel, Todd and of course Luke; and this is what unfolded"

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