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What do you get when you put a gaggle of rambunctious painters together with a video camera? Why George Duroy's Graffiti, which has not one, not two, but thirteen aspiring artists who paint masterful renditions from their fervid imaginations like a Pablo Picasso on ecstasy. And whether spray painted on a wall or brushed, smeared or splattered onto each other's nude bodies, some might think these hormone driven artists’ masterpieces may equal, if not surpass, the greatest works of the impressionist painters of the nineteenth-century. … Okay, that might be a tad too much since two-year olds can paint rings around these guys, but heck, it can never be doubted that Bel Ami’s gorgeously handsome models are the most perfect of sexual specimens of the twenty-first-century, as will be proven in this film’s five artistically framed episodes.
For Justin Boyd, Josh Elliot, Luke Hamill and Elias Kudrow, it didn’t take long to cover a wall with their unique artistry in an old rundown factory as they enthusiastically spray painted it with all manner of designs, from cars, bugs, clouds, and yes, the inevitable symbols of what’s held dear by all young men—sex. But, there’s a time for play, and then there’s a time for play. Sex quickly becomes the center of conversation with Josh confidently and somewhat boastfully proclaiming, while pointing down to his white trousers, “Inside these pants is my greatest treasure.” Elias asks inquisitively, “Who has the biggest and best dick?” as they line up on a sofa with cocks cocked. With these four randy lads, that’s like asking a guy what he likes doing best; eating, sleeping or having sex. They’re all good; it’s just a matter of prioritizing. After the requisite kissing and sucking, and with three tops, they quickly prioritize who will do the honors to Justin, the lone bottom of the group. The viewer can easily be led astray though when Elias, with longing eyes, whispers to Josh, “I want you inside.” Josh responds—using a little Aussie lingo he picked up from Down Under—“I want the same thing mate.” But don’t get your hopes up; Justin will be the only one boinked during this episode. Afterwards, when Justin and Elias leave for the showers, Josh and Luke stay behind, and presto, a bed mysteriously appears. Unfortunately for some, they just give each other hand-jobs. What’s not unfortunate though is how Mr. Duroy got four cute stud pups together in one episode. It’s difficult trying to look at each swinging dick and sumptuous pair of butt cheeks without the fear of missing something. Seeing an extreme close-up of Josh’s derrière as his trousers fall from his thighs is enough to temporarily blind an unsuspecting viewer.
“This will be unique,” says Kurt Diesel to the camera. Hans Klee chimes in, “This will be magnificent, spectacular.” “And of course colorful,” quips Kurt as the boys commence to undress each other. After painting the wall and themselves, one wonders if they’ll ever wash again. Be forewarned; seeing Kurt squat down from behind to fill his brush with paint will make your heart go aflutter. Notwithstanding their artistic talents, these guys are a good match. It doesn’t take long before a wide-eyed Hans finds his legs propped up over his head with Kurt pounding away with relish at his willing tushie. He eagerly screams, “Fuck me as hard as you can!” Well, Kurt certainly obliges even as the camera, positioned below his undercarriage, shows all the lines and creases converging to the back of his swinging ball sack, like a map pointing the way to fantasyland.
Mr. Duroy, an artist who paints on a broad video canvas gives us a panoramic view of the dilapidated factory walls and windows in the background, while in the foreground, Hans and Kurt are going at it in the middle of this colorfully rustic scene. Hans is lying on his side in the fetal position, with his pink hued package squeezing out between his legs, atop a crate as Kurt stands beside it, revealing the outline of his backlit masculine form. Longtime fans, with a memory for inconsequential detail, will notice the blanket Hans' ass sits upon. This blanket has quite a famous past in Bel Ami film history.Some blank canvases that James Whistler had ordered got lost in the mail. Asked whether the canvases were of any great value, Whistler replied, “Not yet, not yet.”“Maybe you can show me your dick, and I can paint it bigger,” says the ever so adorable Andreas Mouskouri to his cohort in wall defacement, Davy Paxton. With all due respect, this wall won’t be increasing in appreciable value from these lads’ exertions in amateur artistry. What will increase though is the viewers’ blood pressure, especially when Davy yanks Andreas’ pants down. Oh … my … God! Where is Michelangelo when you need him? Even Davy couldn’t keep from exclaiming, “Wow, you have a big dick!” Andreas doesn’t have a bad posterior either, and when he bends over … well, have your smelling salts nearby for seeing his danglers from behind as they move about between his thighs will cause you to become extremely lightheaded.Next, Davy takes his friend to an abandoned building, or, as he likes to call it, his little “Kingdom of Love.” And lo and behold there’s a beautiful leather couch with deep red cushions available for this unexpected tryst. Andreas innocently (?) asks what the couch is doing here while Davy, not so innocently, asks if he’s ever had sex with a guy before. Davy, the sex starved spider, gets his willing fly out of his clothes in a jiffy and planted squarely on the web … ah, couch. The fly though has some tricks of his own as he goes down on Davy’s pecker. After a few minutes of having the center of his universe sucked like a pro, Davy asks if he’s ever done this before. Andreas, looking up childlike from Davy’s cock, slyly responds, “I’m a handy boy.” Hmm! When Davy gets down to serious business, you’ll love the position the guys get into on the couch, giving us some beautiful full-on views of both boys’ rear-ends. Have plenty of smelling salts available for this couch scene as well.A millionaire visited Whistler’s Paris studio wanting to buy pictures for his palatial house. He glanced around the studio and saw a clutter of canvases and asked, “How much for the lot?” “Four million,” said Whistler. “What!” “My posthumous prices.”Luke Hamill and Kevin Elola are very much alive, and after viewing their painting accomplishment, you’ll pay the price for this video and consider it a bargain to boot, especially when you see Luke hand rubbing pink paint all over Kevin’s genitals and brushing red streaks up and down his crack and rosebud. Oh, that must have felt ticklishly wonderful. After covering each other from head to toe, they explain to the cameraman their art brut technique. Explanations aren’t required though once they cleanup and pursue a more pleasurable form of art, lovemaking. This is yet another great coupling which will make you wonder how Bel Ami continues to find the right pairings to make these sex scenes look so natural and spontaneous where the boys seem to have no need of direction as they pursue their own personal gratification as though the camera wasn’t in the room.There’s something extremely sexy about a naked young man with only his shirt on, with or without shoes and socks. Seeing Luke standing before Kevin in only his tank top and sandals induces saliva to run down our chins. Kevin, on the other hand, delights us with his color coordinated aquamarine t-shirt and socks with white sneaks. What a little cutie-pie. “We have a sofa here! We can use it to deflower you!” Oh, Luke, what a little devil you are. We have to give it to him though; he knows how to make love to Kevin. For example, watch his hands. They seem to be in all the right places at the right time, not only to satisfy his own tactile desires, but to keep his partner sexually aroused as well. Always watch a guy’s eyes and hands for they’ll tell you a lot of how he feels about his sex partner.John Singer Sargent found himself sitting beside an effusive young admirer at a dinner party. “Oh, Mr. Sargent,” she gushed, “I saw your latest painting and kissed it because it was so much like you.” “And did it kiss you in return?” asked the artist. “Why, no.” “Then it was not like me,” said Sargent with a smile.After watching all the kissing, sucking and boinking in this episode, you’ll quickly realize it’s very much like these four earthy Lotharios to do such things. In fact, their t-shirt graffiti tells us just about everything we need to know about each of these sex pistons. As for Paul Valery’s Babe Magnet, “My t-shirt is a magnet for the best guys.” It’s hard to imagine guys falling for a picture of a pirate, but hey, it sure fits Paul’s personality. No School, No Job, No Problem is Henri Gaudin’s motto. “I love only one thing—sucking a big dick,” as he grabs Jerome Reynolds’ crotch, whose own t-shirt says Don’t Criticize It… Legalize It! along with a print of marijuana leaves. When asked about the bright green leaves, Jerome responds, “I think it’s the Canadian maple leaf.” (We won’t touch that with a ten foot pole.) Ah, then there’s Trevor Yates with his shirt proclaiming Sex Is My Favorite Business. Thank goodness. Paul, being Paul, blurts out, “Show us that atomic bomb.” Well, Trevor does, and yes, it causes quite an explosion of expletives and lewd comments. Hey, they’re guys, it’s what we do! After painting the wall and everything else within flinging distance of paint, Paul brings out a hose and sprays down the lads to get them presentable for the festivities to come.
First off, you instinctively know some of the guys will have to satisfy their inquisitiveness by experiencing what a huge schlong is like stuffed in their mouths. Henri, the most adventuresome of the lot—after Paul—gets Trevor out in the stairwell and moans, “You never told me you had such a miracle in your pants,” by which Trevor meekly responds, “It’s a mouthful.” What an understatement. Henri takes Trevor’s veinal cock without a problem as does Jerome when he comes up the stairs to relieve his friend of the tiresome job—yeah, right—of sliding all that meat in and out of his mouth. Trevor returns the favor, but does something Jerome doesn’t; inhales his partner’s warm ejaculate and slurps his dick clean as a whistle. Meanwhile, Paul and Henri are comparing sizes further up the stairwell. Again, it’s what guys do—when they’re truthful. “Yours is wider and mine is large,” Henri authoritatively states. And like Trevor downstairs, Henri sucks and slurps up every single, delicious drop of cum that shot out of Paul’s “wider” appendage. Paul does likewise with Henri’s discharge of manmade jizz. Finally, the only boinking during this whole episode takes place between Paul and the passive Jerome with great views of the latter’s package hanging down from under his upraised thigh and the former’s undercarriage when Marty gets down beneath Paul’s legs. Boy, it must be a great job being a porn cameraman. In the end, the scene and video comes to a magnificent conclusion when Paul shoots his load to the wall. It will be long argued whether or not a piece of plaster came off the wall with the force of that blow.Pierre-Auguste Renoir was once asked how he managed to produce such natural flesh tints and shapely forms in his nude paintings. “I just keep painting till I feel like pinching,” he replied. “Then I know its right.”I don’t need to be pinched to tell me that George Duroy's masterful production of Graffiti is just right. From the first spray of paint in the opening credits to the final far-flung spurt of cum at the end, the nude flesh, the infectious humor and the sexual energy of all the models has been a most delightful experience. Personally, I would’ve been delirious in having just a video of the boys painting. The sex is purely a bonus. Mr. Duroy has outdone himself with this very imaginative film as has Mel Roberts, Jr. with his postproduction and video design. The opening credits were beautiful and got my juices to percolating early. BTW, for fans that’ve been with Bel Ami from the early years, there’s a name that’ll pop off the screen; Filip Smirnov, who gets onscreen credit for being the official driver.Like everyone else, I have my particular favorites, like Josh, Luke, Paul and Elias. After this film though, I’m adding Justin, Kurt, Kevin and Trevor the Schlong to my list; and yes, most especially, Andreas Mouskouri who manages to push just about every one of my buttons—twice.

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